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Dream Like Relaxation

Sleep can be hard to come by these days. The CDC reported that approximately 1 in 25 American adults has used a prescription sleep aid in the past month in order to fall asleep. In fact, approximately 35% of individuals report getting less than 7 hours of sleep in a normal 24-hour period, and 50 to 70 million US adults now suffer from a sleep problem. The team at The Underground Spa & Wellness wants to help! Take a journey underground for a total escape into sleep. 
Enter a treatment room with specialized lighting to mimic the night sky. Begin with breathwork to decrease heart rate while their team of professionals work around the clock using different massage techniques geared towards sleep. Incorporating reflexology, aromatherapy and guided meditation you will reach a new level of relaxation giving your body, mind and soul the opportunity to recharge and renew.
This experience will last 6-8 hours in the Underground Spa’s treatment room and conclude with take home meditation tips and a gift bag of healthy sleep aids including specialized tea, lavender oil and pillow mist plus custom Underground Spa pajamas and sleep mask. 
Terms & Conditions: The experience starts at $2,500 and must be booked 14 days in advance. To book, please reach out to spa@theloganhotel.com