Join Todd in welcoming The Logan: Philadelphia's Hotel

Few can say that their story began at One Logan Square like the adventurer and entrepreneur Todd Carmichael, who made his first sale of La Colombe coffee in our building – to the Four Seasons – many years ago, launching what would become an iconic brand rooted in the highest quality ingredients hand-sourced from across the globe. Today, Todd’s show on the Travel Channel, Uncommon Grounds, is in its third season, documenting his tireless search for the best coffee beans, which often takes him to some of the most dangerous places on the planet.
Todd’s fearless spirit of adventure and love of travel is amplified by a serious commitment to community, fair trade, and environmental preservation. He believes that sourcing the right product from the right place connects him to more than simply finding the perfect bean. Todd’s mission is to help create stable, sustainable environments for the coffee growers that he works with, allowing them to produce more efficiently and improving their quality of life in the process.  He travels to Africa roughly four times per year in pursuit of these goals, following the movement of the sun.
Todd and his wife Lauren have four adopted children from Ethiopia, and Todd approaches everyone he meets as family—a mindset that inspires a personal commitment to doing whatever it takes to improve the lives of those he works with.
The Logan, a new independent, design-focused hotel, is now at home at One Logan Square. We celebrate our history and share Todd’s unwavering commitment to both exceptional quality and community. Here, guests don’t just stay—they live.  Join Todd in exploring uncommon grounds at The Logan: Philadelphia’s Hotel.