The Logan' Hotel's Themed Art

Our Neighbors at the Moore College of Art and Design are taking residence in The Logan Hotel to feature current and past stundents' art pieces.  This compliment to the hotel's own locally currated art collection features an energizing variety of works from digital photography to handmade fashion.  Read more about the featured artists below and check out the pictures from our opening reception here:  

DATE:  November 2016 - January 2017
LOCATION:  Lobby and Lower Level Gallery Spaces - The Logan Hotel

Eileen Rudisill Miller
Class of 1977
Jessica L. Phelps
Class of 2006 
Kathleen Shaver
Class of 1983
Eileen Rudisill Miller Jessica L. Phelps Kathleen Shaver
Eileen aka Rudy is an illustrator, product designer and painter. Educated as a fashion illustrator and painter she began her career as a fashion illustrator working for department stores in advertising. Later Rudy was hired by The Franklin Mint, where for 14 years, she designed dolls and figurines. You can also find her illustrations for paper dolls and coloring books in Dover Publications. Jessica focused on 2D Fine Art at Moore with studies in 3 dimensional work and textile design. She is inspired by the impact of people on nature/ natural surroundings and the way nature reclaims abandoned structures or possessions. Experimentation with a variety of surfaces, mediums, assembly, etc. challenges and engages her. Spontaneity being the evolutionary link in all my work, each piece a result of my reaction to a present condition. Kathleen studied 2D Fine Art at Moore and Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. She produces oil paintings and mixed media works on paper. A lush paint application and lively gestural strokes characterize her recent paintings, which often exhibit a highly textured surface and dense buildup of pigment. The influences of abstract expressionism and neo-expressionism are evident.
Current Students
Ma Kunyu 
Fashion Design - Class of 2018
Madelange Laroche 
Fashion Design - Class of 2017
Kimberly McLinden
Fashion Design, Illustration, Business -
Class of 2017
Kadee Stephens 
Photography and Digital Arts
Katie Woods
Kayli Ziolkwski
Art Education