Gavin McKay & Unite Fitness

Gavin McKay founded Unite Fitness in 2006 in Philadelphia, during a time when the city was notorious for being one of the least healthy or fit in the country. Today, that trend has flipped, due in large part to the community fitness model pioneered by Unite—the concept of bringing people together to train smarter and more efficiently with both a coach and a program. The overarching goal is to motivate people to embrace fitness and nutrition by experiencing how good it feels to live a healthy lifestyle while being social and connecting to the local community.
Gavin and Unite currently focus on creating events and activities that promote a culture of fitness and nutrition in Philadelphia, while simultaneously raising money for charities that do work in communities most in need of education, support, and inspiration. He founded Team Philly Race Training, a long-distance race-training program that benefits Students Run Philly Style, a mentorship program helping students in lower socioeconomic areas develop confidence and prioritize their own health and wellness. He also works with MANNA, a local nonprofit that provides nutrition coaching and healthy food for those fighting a wide range of diseases, and founded the Shambhala Dragons Program, one of the first of its kind meditation curriculum for teenagers. He would like Philadelphia to be known not only for its world-class arts and restaurants, but also as a healthy, vibrant place to live and work.
The Logan, a new independent hotel, is now at home at One Logan Square, and we celebrate Gavin’s commitment to health, nutrition, and wellness. Here, guests don’t just stay—they live. Join Gavin in welcoming The Logan: Philadelphia’s Hotel to our city.